Till Death Do Us Part

by - Monday, December 07, 2020

My bestseller is here.

Special thanks to my Pastor, who heard from God and simply gave me the title of the book and told me to go and write it. It is only when I sat down to write that the revelation came to me as I trusted God and typed. It pays (literally lol) to have a personal prophet. THANK YOU!!!! 
Pastor Daniel.

When glass smashes on the ground, where do you start in putting it back together? If you were to contemplate it, the thought alone would be too stressful for words. Society today is like a billion pieces of broken glass, hearts have grown cold, resources seem to be drying up and more importantly, the heart and soul of society is dying out. This is, the family. Till death do us part is a very transparent, passionate and heartfelt reflection on many factors that affect people today. From a sociological perspective, this book challenges foundational issues that affect the world. Factors such as crime, race, traditions, immigration and more are analysed and challenged. Who doesn’t want love and happiness? Anything that does not involve God becomes broken. But the Lord in His mercy can do better than piecing the glass back together. He can give you a new beautiful chandelier. Read this book with an open heart, as it is full of pockets of wisdom, love, home truths and God’s purpose for your life. When you say till death do us part, do you really mean it?

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