Lord, is this relationship for me? : Second Edition

by - Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Many issues in the world today are as a result of a fatherless generation. The pattern seems to be repeating itself where many people settle for poor-quality relationships. Surely, with the dysfunction that we see in our world we must come to a point where we stop the cycle. We are given an illusion of love in the media, but many neglect the fact that without the foundation of Christ, real love cannot be sustained. In this book, Rosemary sheds light on healthy relationships and love, using Jesus’ beautiful forms of outreach, whilst going against culture, traditions and laws to express real love. His character will never change and we can learn so much from Him. She also discusses the early signs of abusive relationships using personal examples, how to leave a relationship and more. The myth that a single mother is damaged goods is challenged and our guest author Doreen Homawoo shares how she navigates relationships as a mother. The theme Lord, is this relationship for me is tackled as we get to the bottom of this very important topic.

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