Get Up! Do the difficult now and the so-called impossible later!

by - Sunday, May 10, 2020

I met a veteran ex army soldier who spoke passionately about hard work and getting things done. The Holy Spirit started to download this new vision in me, giving me the concept for this new book last year. I am sure you would agree that in life, when we put hard work in, we get results. My new book stands as a challenge to you. ⁣

Encouraging and coaching are some of my strong points. I think I can say I enjoyed writing this book the most as it was so easy for me to write about what I am already living. Some of you know me as Miss Consistent, a hard worker and one that they cannot imagine sleeping much. My passion and drive comes from Jesus. He saved my life and now I am marching into my future one step at a time with Him as my leader. I know He has got me. I can relate to the militant way of life, but I also have another playful side that not many people know about. Some see the “glamour” but cannot handle what comes with the calling. ⁣

Choose to take your calling seriously and step into that which you have been called to do. 

You can purchase my new book here.

Boot camp is starting soon after the release date. Serious members only. ⁣Thanks for the support. God bless you!!! 

Rosemary x

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