No Formula To Marriage, Just Wait on God

by - Sunday, May 05, 2019

Hey Beauties,
I wanted to encourage you that although others may think otherwise, waiting on the Lord in every area of your life is vital, relevant and key to success. I truly believe that real success is obedience to the Lord and although I often struggle with the things that the Lord tells me to do, I vow to keep picking myself back up until I get it right, thanking God for His grace and mercy. 

In the area of relationships, I have rushed before the Lord before. But I ended up being cheated on, emotionally abused and mocked because when we go before God and think we know better, we foolish the purpose of relationships which is to bring us closer to God. I know some of you may not really realise this but I pray that you will get the revelation through the Lord Jesus Christ. 

I have learnt the hard way that getting into relationships without hearing confirmation from the Lord produces no fruit and is a waste of time. Why not just wait on the Lord? why allow those voices in your life to put pressure on you? so what if you are in your late 30s? some of us need counselling to deal with our issues before getting in marriage but we are going round in circles like Jonah! 

I no longer get excited about men giving me attention, as they are not my husband. But I am wise to remember that sin feels good, so I always check myself as I am still in my flesh. The Bible teaches us to be sober minded and always on guard because of the wicked nature of the devil. 

1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

Did you know that a so called male friend with negative intentions can wait and work on you for years waiting for that weak moment for you to slip into his bed? this is how the enemy works. But we rebuke it in the name of Jesus! This is why I am careful with reuniting with me exes. For what exactly? I have learnt that my "sexy" is for my husband only. Even as a believer, after I re-dedicated my life to Jesus, I have been messed about in the name of wanting to get married. Sometimes, that man that is texting you or viewing your social media account obsessively is simply bored. He is most likely going around to different profiles doing the same thing. So do not get too excited, your worth comes fro God alone. Anyone can make promises, but actually putting them into action is a different story. Most of my relationship lessons I have learnt the hard way. I have put myself through a lot in relationships, because I did not go to the source, the Holy Bible to know what relationships really are and what marriage actually is. Reading Ephesians 5 made me realise that I was once in a relationship that was all mouth and no action! I would be the one to request prayer and beg him to start Bible study in our relationship. It was after a few months that he showed me his true colours. 

I decided to uphold my standards of celibacy and purity in all areas, including removing and blocking all those from my phone that I had some kind of emotional or flirtatious relationship with. Isaiah 54:5 teaches that the Lord is my husband, so coming from that perspective, why would I actively flirt with another man? Because God has given us the word to remain pure, He will give us the grace to see it through, if only we would trust in Him. So I encourage you to break off any distraction that you have today in the form of a relationship. I was right there with you, needing attention to boost my ego and temporarily soothe my insecurities, I even met mean guys that would poke fun at me because I confided in them about my weaknesses. That is abuse! and I wasn't the nicest girlfriend either at times! but its all good because God is using each day to mould me into a WIFE. 

The Bible verse that I have been meditating on daily is Genesis 29:20 when Jacob worked seven years for Rachel and he did not mind doing so because he loved her. The Bible actually said that this many years seemed like a few days to him because of the love he had for her, yet some cannot even wait a year to heal from a former relationship. Ladies, lean on the Lord as your husband and learn to rest in Him with contentment. I know that it is a journey of stripping; even if you backslide, get back up again believing that God will take you just as you are. 

You can get my book Lord, is this relationship for me? here for paperback and here for Kindle. I highly recommend it for rich, wise encouragement, surprising honesty and transparency about MY past experiences in relationships and what the LORD has shown me.

Please send any prayer requests here and you can watch this week's past video on relationships here.

God bless,

Rosemary x

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