Daily Devotional Out Now

by - Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Hey Beauties,

Some of you may know that I published my first book this month. This book was birthed from a personal discomfort that I experience when I notice that a believer is not spending structured and intentional time with the Lord and beginning to backslide or when someone is unsaved and does not understand the concept of Jesus Christ our Lord. I encourage you to purchase as you feel led, as this book was created to encourage you!

The roses represent the beauty that God does in us, when we wash ourselves with his word daily. Red Roses as you begin to blossom and Golden Roses as you keep going from grace to grace, walking strong with Christ though matter what you face. The dead roses represent spiritual death, but I am believing for life to be restored in you in Jesus name.

It would make an amazing gift for someone in your life. I just know that God has big plans for this book and it is the Holy Spirit that will water and grow the seeds that it will plant. So thank you to those who have already purchased and I pray that it blesses you.

You can find the book here.

God bless,

Rosemary x

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