What Is Your Why?

by - Saturday, May 26, 2018

Hey Beauties, I hope you are well? I wanted to encourage you on something I am very passionate about. What is your foundation, your reason, your why? What drives you and motivates you when what you have been called to do gets tough? Of course you know that you will be tested in life, especially when you declare things (words are powerful and the devil is always at work!) but going back to your foundation should give you clarity, consistency and motivation - if it is really real!

So let me tell you a little about me. I started my You Tube channel in 2009 because I wanted to document my hair journey. I learnt, that many women were encouraged by this and I was excited that I found a community of women online that had the same thing in common, the want for longer and healthier hair! The platform You Tube was a place of inspiration; I learnt so much from other creators. I then branched out into other content other than hair journey talk including some make up, some lifestyle based and faith videos.

When I rededicated my life back to Christ in 2013, after many years living as a lukewarm Christian, The Modest Life blog was born (heyyy!). I felt like I had so much more to share about my faith, too much to contain in a weekly You Tube video. I was growing in my walk, had a love for fashion (and still do) and knew that this was where God was leading me. I have always loved the camera (ex model) and have truly found some of my gifts and talents in putting myself out there online. It is amazing how God uses things that may be deemed small as huge for His glory. Hallelujah!

My content became more meaningful in terms of my faith as time went on. I would make faith videos here and there but it was in 2017 to date that I decided to be consistent with my faith videos. Prior to that, I was discouraged because my faith videos did not get many views compared to my hair videos. I knew that I had to get over myself and focus on the work of God. I knew that there were some people out there that would be encouraged by my faith video, whether the views were “high” or not. In regards to the way that YouTube has changed and become “over saturated”, many people use the language, “No one is watching my videos”. I know what they mean, but what about the people that still are watching? Is that all discounted because in comparison to before or to other creators, views are lower?

Please do not get me wrong, I know how it feels to work hard at something and get a handful of views, but have you gone back to your why yet? I think that the changes in social media have revealed people’s why. Was it a popularity contest or a comparison game from the start or did people want to encourage others as they originally said? I have noticed an increased amount of people stating that they are leaving You Tube, or that You Tube has changed. That is all good and well, but what are you going to do about it?

I like to see things in a positive light. This is a good time for people to make their own. I absolutely love the fact that many content creators become entrepreneurs, through You Tube! or an online presence. When I first started, there was nothing like being paid. But now of course we know that has changed. Which is a good thing. But with all positives, come negatives.

You start watching/following someone with some good content, then all of a sudden they stop. Why? I know people go through trauma or changes in life that cause their priorities to change and I understand that some have left their full time jobs/careers to do this Social Media thing and have an expectation... but I think too many are comparing themselves to others, which ruins the whole experience.

The point I am trying to make is, spending time with Jesus, getting to know the Holy Spirit will reveal your identity. It will reveal what you have been called to do and what you should be working on. There will be no need to copy other people because you have your own thing. Nothing will stop me, until God Himself tells me to move on. I sent emails out to my mailing list to follow the link to update their preferences due to the GDPR law in the UK, which means that we have to seek consent from our subscribers if they still want to be on the list. No one on my list responded!! So by law, I have had to remove everyone and ask them to subscribe again.

Do you think I will delete my blog in shame, upset or offence? No Ma! Because I know that God has called me to encourage women, remind them that they are precious and beautiful in Christ and that their relationship with Jesus trumps everything. I do not mind if my views are not as high as the next popular Christian blogger, whether I am recognised, shouted out or reposted for my work or how popular I am. Maybe God wants to keep some of you hidden, have you ever thought about that?

As for me, I am a Civil Servant and my employment is quite strict about our level of visibility on Social Media. So if I were to be overly popular, it would not even work in my favour. Believe me when I say that all things work out for our good. I did not think that believing God on this online platform when I did not see the popularity that I initially wanted would birth this blog, which I absolutely love, my business Imiebi Rose Media which is a Christian media company, I did not dream that I would be writing a book (coming soon) or asked to speak at an event which you can sign up to here.

Again, do not get me wrong. Being viewed more would be nice, being recognised more would be nice too. But my focus has changed. Its less of me and more of Jesus. I want to do what He has called me to do and I know that as long as I keep following Him I can never go wrong. My "why" is the God I serve and the people in His hurting world that need constant words of encouragement. You cannot stop me satan.

What is your why?

Rosemary x

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