Colour Conference 2018 Highlights

by - Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hey Beauties!

So I went to Hillsong Colour Conference this past weekend and it was awesome. It was so powerful to see all those women praising God in the same room... like 11,000 of us! The encouragement was wow! While I am aware that you do not need a conference to get closer to God, it is still important to fellowship with fellow Christians and there are many ways to do this!

There was a wealth of wisdom that I took away from the conference. To be honest, most of it was a reminder of what I already knew or a new perspective which is important. What we must remember is that the Holy Spirit is the only one that can make the words come to life that are preached. So we should not get caught up in who delivers the message too much, but can still appreciate that they were obedient to encourage us in Christ. 

I love conferences because they are filled with constant positivity and encouragement. It is like Church service extra! A break away from daily life to be filled up and reminded that what we have been called to do in Christ is the most important thing we should be focussing on. You can register for next year here. I am so happy and thankful for the testimonies that are coming through. Sometimes in life we lose our way and need events like this to lead us back, give us a pinch and remind us of what is important. Here are my highlights so enjoy the pictures :) 

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