The Gospel PGM Awards

by - Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Remember that time when I did that blog post about music I no longer listen to? well thats why I am grateful for events like this and being around people like this. I love playing gospel music on my You Tube videos and appreciate that these individuals have been called by God to use music to give Him all the glory. How it was originally supposed to be!

I love that I can still listen to a hip hop/rap and that they lyrics are not thrash. So if you want to listen to good music, check out some links below and enjoy the pictures!

Shoes: New Look
Necklace: Debenhams 

Some artists you should check out!

InderPaul Sandhu:

Snapchat: i_psandhu
InderPaul Sandhu - Ring

Unique Creation:

Dark Season available on iTunes for purchase

Feed 'Em:

Feed'Em (@feedem_all)
Instagram: Feedem_all

Sabrina Hilaire:

Instagram: Sabrina Hilaire

Minister Taf:

Maestro Bravest:

Instagram: Maestro_Bravest

Chris da Ambassada:


Instagram: justanonuk

Essie B:

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