My Holiday Pictures + Reflections

by - Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hey guys! So I wanted to share my holiday pictures with you. I went to Malaga in Spain last month with my amazing sister in Christ and it was amazing. I wanted to encourage you on being modest on holiday and some general reflections.

I had a conviction about wearing a bikini so I decided to wear a swimsuit. I felt like I was the only one on the beach wearing a swimsuit and to my surprise, some women were topless. I was surprised that they would go through all that to get a suntan.

I have videos on my trip, which I will link below. I really wanted to go on holiday with a Christian that I could share pillow talk and Bible study time with. It was amazing that on this holiday we gave God the glory.

We spent time praying for our environment and talking about our personal lives. This is a testimony for me because in my past, I when I was a lukewarm Christian I travelled with women that were also lukewarm. The friendship did not even last when we got back to London, I guess we realised that we had nothing in common. This is not to put down ex friends, but highlight the importance of making the best of our time and giving God the glory.

I am thankful for this holiday after six years of not travelling. In those six years, I have re-dedicated my life to Christ, worked several jobs, completed a Masters degree and secured my career and business. At the time some people would ask me where I was travelling to, when I told them that I had booked some time away from work. I knew what I was working on and did not feel left out because I was unable to travel. Though people made comments, I stayed in my lane because I knew what I needed to work on.

Our journeys cannot be the same, nor can they reach the same destination. However, I do hope that in all our paths, the final destination will be Christ. Sometimes God allows us to go through years of the same situation, leaving us confused as to whether we will see a way out. There is something precious about holding onto God’s presence and meditating on the fact that He will never leave nor forsake you (Deuteronomy 31:6).

What is a holiday when my life was not in order? I could not even afford one back then. I had just graduated from my first degree in 2011 and went on three holidays in one year to celebrate. Thereafter I was not sure what I wanted to do, so I worked a few jobs that I hated to make money whilst finding myself. When the Holy Spirit revealed to me the path He wanted me to take, I did my masters degree whilst volunteering to get experience. It was amazing when God puzzled the pieces together for me.

I did not feel the pressure to make my life look glamorous back then. When people asked I simply told them that I could not afford a holiday. It is important to build beautiful memories with people and explore beautiful parts of the world, seeing the God given beauty. But, have your finances and life in order first and make sure you are safe and ready.

God really protected us on that journey. It had been years since I had been on a plane so I got excited about that. I was so amazed at the plane and how it takes off into the sky. I kept thinking about how amazing the concept of a plane was and how cool it was that we were in the sky. My friend and I prayed at any and every opportunity. There was a woman in front of us that was having a panic attack when we were on our way back to London. We began to pray for her against the spirit of fear.

It is so important who you allow in your close circle. I feel so blessed that God continues to put people in my life at the right season. A tip is not to force friendships. Do your part but if it is not two way then leave it in God’s hands, forgive and move on.

Do not look at others and be jealous of their life stage. Rather pray that God gives you the wisdom and strength to embrace and learn from yours. 

I have somewhere that I would like to travel to next year and I pray that God will allow me to.

God bless all, Rosemary x

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