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by - Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Hi guys! My name is Eyek, and I’m a content creator and founder of a site called AfrikanRising ( On AfrikanRising, I discuss all things race, gender (and it’s intersection), body positivity, (complete) health, and a little bit about spirituality. AfrikanRising has been active for over a year and I really can’t believe I’ve stayed so consistent. The idea for my blog came from a course I took my final year of college (also known as university), called “Health In The Digital Age”.

In this class we talked in great detail about how social media and all the other outlets for information impact how we view health. More specifically, we talked about activism, health activism and how our voices online can shape any sort of discussion or movement. For our final project, we were required to write a research paper in blog form. Basically we had to write 10 or so pages worth of information, in a series of blog posts. At first, I really thought about dropping the class because, as I often said “if I wanted to take a blogging class, I would have signed up for one”. Of course, as the class went on, I couldn't get enough. Eventually, I ended up writing my paper/blog posts on the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa and the lack  of cultural competency and humility on the part of The West (too much grammar, I know LOL).

I’m passionate primarily about issues affecting black women (within the Diaspora and on The Continent). I’m not in the business of proving that we’re worthy, beautiful, kind, etc because we already are all of those things. I like to take a more comical (sometimes blunt) approach to addressing issues concerning the communities I am apart of. Initially, I also talked quite a bit about beauty, but I moved all of the beauty interests to a new platform called OwnYourBeautyAfrique (@ownyourbeautyafrique).

While building AfrikanRising, I rediscovered my passion for visual arts; specifically film, photography, and production. If it hadn't been for AfrikanRising (and God, obviously), I would probably be pursuing a path that I wasn't interested in at all.

My dream for AfrikanRising initially was unclear, but now I know that I’m  truly focused on educating and inspiring those who read my blog. I want people to know that there is nothing wrong with being themselves, completely.  I want to encourage women like me to be bold (or not), speak out (or not) be unapologetic (or not). I use my site to combat the notion that black women are two dimensional. We are complex, we don't exist for anyone but God’s consumption and approval. Period. I’m here to encourage people to live their best lives, but I also want people to be realistic and most importantly patient with themselves.

It has been a blessing knowing beautiful people like Rosemary who constantly inspire me to do what God has called me to do, and ignore the naysayers. I also am truly blessed to have a growing online family that just as much as me, wants to talk about Beyonce, plan our birthday parties, as well as call out misogynoir in the media. I’m excited to see where this AfrikanRising journey goes and even more excited to share  this journey with you all.

You  can find me everywhere (actually, not really)

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