"Everyone Is Getting Married, What About Me God?!"

by - Friday, February 03, 2017

Hey Beauties! So I have been blessed with the opportunity to write a few blog posts for you that God wanted me to get out. I know that he has a purpose for the beautiful person reading this. So I just want to open by saying. Do not worry, God has got you Precious.

With social media becoming a part of our daily lives, we come across pages dedicated to beautiful wedding dresses, designs, beautiful men and women giving their lives to one another. Saying, “I do”. This could even be people we know. We may attend weddings, see people getting engaged and our heart is crying out, “What about me!!!!!!”

This blog post was inspired by so many things, including once feeling like this myself, and two books which I highly recommend. The first one is by Joshua Eze called The Purpose of Singleness. The second is by Christina Tosin Fasoro, called The Singleton. These are two different people from different walks of life that have been led by the Holy Spirit to write these books to encourage you. So get them if you are struggling, get them if you are not struggling and want to read it to encourage others, or gift it to someone! This is not in place of the Bible by any means, but sometimes we all need encouragement. I will not give away too much but please just click on the book titles mentioned above which will take you to where you can purchase. I feel like this is a male and female perspective on singleness.

The first thing I want to ask you is, when did you last say “I do” to God? Picking up our cross daily and following Christ is the biggest commitment and the most important one ever [Matthew 16:24-26]. Before a man, we need to know who we are in Christ. Did you know that the Lord is your husband?

Isaiah 54:5
For your Maker is your husband-- the LORD Almighty is his name-- the Holy One of Israel is your Redeemer; he is called the God of all the earth.

Yes he is your beginning, middle and end. Your everything. He loves you deeply. So before thinking about fleshly husband, realise that you have a responsibility to remain faithful to God, to renew your vows daily and give him your life. When you learn to commit to Him and follow in His ways, in this God will prepare you to be a wife and eventually meet who will be your husband. Realise that you are never alone, because Jesus is always with you. If you push Him away or are plugged into the wrong thing, you will not realise this so I encourage you to change your perspective.

The second point I want to make is, do you realise that many people are settling for their spouse? Yes I said it. If we really are honest with ourselves, people are not willing to wait on the Lord for their partner. They would rather get with someone that maybe is not close to Christ (e.g. the Lukewarm Christian), sacrifice their morals by living with this person or sex before marriage (which is a topic I will write on very soon) and the list goes on. Just to show friends and family that they are big now and ready for marriage, because they feel lonely or just want to have sex. Is it really worth it though? I have spoken to beautiful women and heard stories about marrying the wrong one leading to divorce, when they heard clearly and knew that God did not want them to marry this man.

The biggest thing that God wants you to do is focus on Him. Is that something you are prepared to do? Valentines day is round the corner, a time where many focus on love. But why not make Jesus your valentine? Maybe take the day off work and retreat with him and you alone, if you feel that they day will get you down. People do not have to understand and it is none of their business why you are still single. Does it have to be such a bad thing? The world will be against anyone that wants to follow God’s ways. Sometimes it means that you have to go the long way because there is a lot in our hearts that God is working on.

The Bible said that, the heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? [Jeremiah 17:9]. So if you thought that you were perfect you need to get off your high horse and understand that this Christian journey is a lifetime one that we have to keep seeking God for every step of the way. So understand that all those relationship issues that you may have picked up in the past, God needs to work on you.

Realistically speaking, tomorrow is not even promised!!!!!! If we focus on that perspective, we wont be worrying about who we will be marrying and what colour we will wear when it is not even that season! Marriage is such a beautiful covenant created by God Himself. But most of the world’s issues start because there is not a good foundation in the home. Because the wrong man* was married and does not know how to lead the family, leading to children that are not led closer to God, often leading to world problems depending. If we do not do it His way it will not work, simple.

I do not have the time to be worrying about when I will get married. Of course (do not get me wrong) I am human and I think about it from time to time, I desire it so gone are the days of me pretending that I want to be like St Paul who had the gift of being single for life and serving God. But what I am saying is that I am not fixated on it. I believe that He who gave me the desire to be a wife will see it through. Until then I will practice celibacy and not entertain men who I know that I will not marry. Because I believe that this is God’s will for my life right now.

Whoever is reading I just want to encourage you to keep the focus on God. This is His main concern, that you walk in His ways and sensitive to the Holy Spirit. You are most safest here! So instead of focusing on other’s getting married, focus on your maker who is your husband. Make it your business to pray for others that are entering the covenant of marriage that it is God’s will for their life, instead of being jealous. As I mentioned on my previous post, jealousy is a wasted emotion because God has got so much in store like you wouldn’t believe. Keep pushing Beautiful!

Rosemary x

*When I say the “right man” I am not saying that God created one person for you and if you miss him then there is none left! I am rather saying that there is a type of Godly man that will compliment your life, someone who will lead you closer to Christ. These are the type of qualities that you should be prioritising as a woman of God. I speak more so to women but men can take the same analogy and flip it.

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