Happy New Year!!

by - Tuesday, January 10, 2017

I pray this year is a blessed one for you. I hope you enjoyed and were encouraged by my previous post and prayer video. Still feeling discouraged? check out the video below.

Now for the pictures :-) I wanted to share that I have a small room and like to keep my clothes to what I need (and sometimes want!) as I do not have the space and there is no need to over buy! I like repeating my outfits as I feel that we live in a culture of buy and sell instantly, to remain relevant or in style. I prefer to buy what I like that is within my style, that I know I will keep. You will notice me repeating certain shoes or bags with different outfits. So I want to encourage you to repeat your outfits and learn how to restyle pieces with different clothes + accessories you already have, because why not? I love fashion but know that God has a plan for my money so, everything in moderation is what I am working on. Enjoy x

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