Fashion on a Budget + Looking After Self!

by - Sunday, October 30, 2016

Hey Beauties, I pray you are well. I wanted to discuss fashion on a budget and my perspective on this.

So basically, I do not want to give the impression that I am loaded with cash and can afford pricey things! To me that is not the goal in life. My main goal is to be content with what I have and make the most of it. I want to highlight the importance of looking presentable and making an effort at all times. Why not? The way we present says a lot about us and impacts the way we are treated. It would be nice if people took us for who we are, well dressed or not. But we live in the world, so it does not always work like that.

My perspective is that, every day is a celebration because of who I serve. So with my dressing and all round attitude I want to represent that. I have been paying off my loan that I took for my Masters degree for the past two years. I am so thankful to God that I have come to the end of paying that and simply so grateful that I was in the position to pay it as quickly as I could. About £400 was going out of my account and it became frustrating!

I have managed to work with what I have within reason and never feel like I have to have a certain amount of money before I can dress well. A few things I have learnt to do:

Embrace my wardrobe as it is: If I cannot afford new clothes that month, I wear and remix what I have in different ways to suit my style.

Throw out old clothes and make a habit of doing so every few months: I do not have the space or time to look through old clothes or clothes that do not even suit me anymore. It is important to get into a good habit of buying what I know I will wear and what will suit me, instead of buying on impulse or because I see a sale.

Repeat outfits or pieces!: I do not know about you, but I am not a celebrity, nor am I rich. So I do not even have the time to impress anyone by only wearing an outfit once! I think this comes from a place of humbling ourselves and practicing not caring about what others think.

Learn your body type and what clothes and colours suit you: This will save you a lot of money and time. I had the pleasure of working with personal Stylist Ola Oshin, who gave me the push I needed to be successful in this. But there are so many resources online that will help you with this. I do encourage you to get a personal stylist to give you a kick start though, why not invest in yourself? You are worth it!

So why all this fuss over fashion and looking good?

I believe that the way we present ourselves say a lot about us and can also encourage others. I have seen women and men let themselves go and often wonder why they feel like there is no picking themselves back up. Things happen in life that we all experience, but taking time to look after yourself from start to finish first of all uplifts your mood and makes you feel better. Do not get me wrong, Jesus is the only void filler. But looking after yourself really makes a difference.

And if we can go below the surface for a minute, exercise and healthy eating is key! There is no need dressing in the most expensive clothing if we cannot do the basics. Hair care, skincare, personal hygiene etc counts! Lets face reality… I have heard some women in the Church wonder why they have not met their husband but they have totally let themselves go in every way. Weight gain, poor hygiene and etc. Would you as a woman be happy to marry someone that does not look after themselves?

I say all this to say, that you are your most important project. Be the best you can be, Beautiful and do not compare yourself to anyone else. I got to a point where I thanked God for who He made me to be and instead of wishing or comparing, I will make the most of what God has given me in everyway. From my natural, beautiful, thick hair, to my slim, petite, hourglass figure. I became more appreciative about who I am all round. You have nothing to lose. Look after yourself and live within your means. No need to compare your life journey to anyone, just do you!

Remember that your confidence comes from Christ alone 2 Corinthians 3:4: Such confidence we have through Christ before God. This does not mean that we chase after the latest material things or that we put the business of looking good before God. Do not get me wrong. My point is to incorporate taking care of yourself into your life and realise that you are worth it. We always look up to celebrities and discuss of how good they look. So why can’t we have that same perspective that it is not only celebrities that can look well, nor should we have to be going to a big event to make the effort!

All my love,

Rosemary x

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