Consistency? What Drives You?

by - Sunday, March 20, 2016

I often get complimented on how I am consistent with my YouTube Channel + social media pages whilst having a full time, demanding job (which I love, might I add!). I wanted to discuss today what drives me and maybe you can think about the same for yourself and please, share your thoughts below!

Whether it is your faith in God or your business, we have to know why we do what we do and how it will benefit those around us and ourselves. Because giving back is a beautiful thing, right!

I will share below what keeps me consistent, but in all of this it is great to remember that it is ok to take a break and slow down. We do not want to burn out in the process of being great and working hard! Just make sure that you bounce back!

Working for God first is my ultimate motivator and pushes me to do better every time. The below bible verse encourages me:

Colossians 3:23 (NIV)
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters

1.    I think about what I enjoy and try and give this back to my viewers.
For example, when I am enjoying a new found YouTube channel, I like to see consistent videos that are quality, straight to the point and relatable. So this is what I work on, I invest in my filming equipment and try my best to produce an enjoyable video.

2.    If I cannot put that much effort into my relationship with God, I am not doing it for anything else!
I see it like this – If I cannot wake up super early in the morning to pray, then I will not wake up super early for anything else. I do not want to reach a point where my relationship with God comes after my business.

3.    I think about why I started in the first place!
My vision for my YouTube channel has always been about my hair journey and love for healthy hair. I became passionate about making faith videos when I grew in it. But I remain driven because I know that someone will benefit from it. The Holy Spirit is a beautiful blessing and always leads us in the way that we should go + in every area of our lives! He cares about every aspect of us, including the next blog post or video that should be put out.

4.    I am constantly in competition with myself, pushing myself to do better. I know my vision and I am determined to get there. Life is too short to hold myself back. In this season, I am available to work on what I enjoy. Seasons to come, I may not be able to so I will keep pushing!

5.    I cheer myself on. You already know that God is your biggest fan, but just be ready for those that you expect to support you to end up not doing so. Sometimes you may post a video or picture and not get as many views or likes as you expected. Do not let that discourage or stop you. For years I did not get the engagement I wanted, but I saw my vision and kept going. Now there are so many opportunities because I chose to be bold and keep going.

6.    I stay true to myself + to God. Do not sell out because of money or recognition. Be authentic and allow the Holy Spirit to guide you.

7.    I set goals! Write them down if you have to. This will make it plain to you where you want to go and by which time; you will be left with the choice to make the moves to get there.

8.    In order to grow, I get out of my comfort zone! Socialise more, go to bloggers events and collaborate. There is enough room in the air for all the birds to freely fly and there is enough money in the world for you to all get you some! Supporting each other is something that we need to do more of. I recently joined Create With Words, which encouraged me to collaborate with people that I would never have met, had I kept in my comfort zone.

9.    I love what I do! People can tell if you do not enjoy it! Do not forget your vision and passion, make it your own and do it in your own way. For example, there are probably millions of twist out videos on YouTube, but I create my videos with my own unique twist.

10.  I Support + encourage. Because it is not all about you! Identify where people in the same field as you can improve and encourage them to do so.

I hope this motivated you and pushed you to do better. I pray for growth, consistency and passion in every area of your life. In all things, God first.

Rosemary x

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