Body Image

by - Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hey Beautiful ladies! Today I want to revisit the topic of body image and just encourage you to embrace what God has blessed you with, yes!

A few months ago I uploaded a video to my YouTube channel about Body Image and how we should remember that God makes no mistakes (see below). But I feel like God placed it on my heart to share.

Personally, it is only in the last few years that I embraced every part of who I was and decided to discipline myself in terms of eating and exercising habits. Yes I am slim but I did not want to be an out of shape slim woman. I spent a lot of time trying to put on weight to achieve the thick look that people seemed to be rating as the ultimate standard of beauty. But because of the way God created me physically (with no mistakes might I add) I would just gain weight in my tummy which made me look like I was three months pregnant lol (lunch baby).

The truth is, it does not matter who thinks I am beautiful or not. Compliments are good but my heart has changed and is still being worked on. I am not trying to please the eyes of lustful men, after all it is only one man that I will marry anyway. God continues to be my husband [Isaiah 54:5] and my everything so I will live to please Him. That starts with thanking him for His blessings in my life, including my beauty.

I just want to ask you today to search your heart and identify what you are insecure about. We will always have insecurities and things to work on, but I feel that it is important that we are honest with ourselves. We all have a common goal to spread the Gospel of truth and I want us to be women that can do it confidently, bold and proud of who we are. Jesus loves you like crazy! Please do not be ashamed of the way he has made you and if it is something you can work on for a healthier life, think about how you can set yourself goals to work towards it.

It feels good to be happy about my image, maintain my exercise and eating goals and that my tummy is not as sticky outy as it used to be lol! Have a blessed Sunday in Jesus name.

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