Intentional Gifts

by - Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Intentional Gifts

Life is busy from the moment we open our eyes till we close it at night we are preoccupied with thoughts, activities, responsibilities, bills, deadlines and the list goes on. This week we are sharing more gifts that encourage people to be intentional with their time. Sometimes we over think the process and we get lost in the web that is throwing a thousand things our way. With only 24 hours to spare a little planning, organization, intention, purpose, and lots of grace, you can fill your life with joy instead of stress. With the right tools, you can create an intentionally designed life so that you are less busy and more productive, giving you more time for the good stuff. (Intentionally designed life.)

  1.  The Bible Binder: Designed to make your life a little less hectic and a lot more organized. It includes a slot for transporting the Bible and 6 sections focusing tagged Learn, Believe, Pray, Hustle, Do and Live. TBB was created to give you a place to start. If you already have routines in some of these 6 areas, then you use what meets you where you are. You  also have access to 30  worksheets,  a pouch for iPad, phones or notebooks. Visit The Bible Binder for more details 
  2. Journaling Bible: This is relatively new to me, but I found a community of people that use the journaling bible and they have amazing things to say about it. It gives you an opportunity to take notes as you study the word enabling you reflect on the word. I do not have a favourite, but I think this will be an incredible gift that encourages people to write as they learn.
  3. Simplified Planner: Emily Lee pays attention to details and you have the option of getting a weekly or monthly planner. The  "battle for happiness is fought on the pages of our calendars" (Bob Goff, Love Does). The simple act of planning makes you take a close look at what you give your time and attention daily, scale back and make time for what is vital This may appear complex but this is where the simplifies planner comes in  She created a simple, beautiful place to start fresh each and every day. Each page features four simple, purposeful spaces: Schedule, To Do, Notes and Dinner -- everything busy, intentional women need - and nothing more. For more details  visit EmilyLees website

  1. Kikki-k Planner: Kikki-k just opened a flagship  in London and I am excited to see what they have in stock. I love the range of planners they have and the quality of the paper is amazing. Kikki-k

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