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by - Saturday, December 05, 2015

It's December , and if you are like me, you have a zillion things on your to-do list. I consider myself the Creative Director of the Giftdustry (Gift Industry) and I get asked for ideas on what to get for people. Today, I am sharing my favourite stationery gift ideas for ladies. These gifts are inspirational books and planners and items I believe will encourage women to live an intentional life.

  • Power Sheets: Last year I was introduced to my first Power Sheets by Lara Casey, and I discovered an exceptional productivity tool. I was shocked that I had not found out about the awesome powersheets earlier. The power sheets are designed to enable you uncover purpose filled goals and strategically plan actions steps to make what matters happen. It is perfect for any profession, a creative, an entrepreneur, teacher, student, or just someone who needs positive guidance and motivation.  The 2016 power sheets come in 3 formats The dated workbook January - December, one year set and six months set (undated).  The following are examples of the pages available; Grow good things, Goals worksheet; Today is the day and trending pages that focuses on daily,  weekly and monthly goals. It makes you evaluate where you are, meet your fears, decide you can and set purposeful goals. Visit Lara Caseys Website  for more details 

I will recommend the worksheets because it is a tool that makes you determine what you do with your time, achieve your goals and make time for what is important. With the busy schedules we have, sometimes we may neglect those that are important in our lives. This is a step in the right direction and I will also recommend this for men
  •  Whitney English Day Designer 
I made a lot of discoveries in 2015 and Whitney English Day Designer is on top of my list. On New Years Eve every year I make a decision to get closer to God and I never defined what this was. Unlike Most Planners Whitney English's Day Designer is remarkable because the first few pages 
document your core, align your goals, snapshot your year and months, and Well designed day. 

Day Designer

The day designer is a departure from other planners. It is obvious that so much love, care and deliberation went into this planner. Its Spiral gives you a monthly page so you can see your appointments at a glance. It is unique because it encourages you to put pen to paper and make it measurable. Habakkuk 3:3 "write a mission, make it plain ..." This is an incredible tool to do just that.
  • The Finishing School: Valerie Woerner Marie's Book the Finishing School is an amazing book. It comprises of 24 options. Every day anywhere we turn we have something taking out attention. We binge on Netflix, get distracted by social media or  Nothing is theoretical and it gives practical steps. Valerie takes you on a  journey that draws you closer to God and makes you realise the importance of spending time with God. She encourages you to decide how you want to study the book. I  opted to study a chapter for 2 weeks, this ensures I apply what I have learnt from the book. In my opinion. It's not a book you read and forget, but it has activities you can do that make you reflect on what you have read, understand the benefits and if necessary apply it to your life. I do not want to add spoilers so I will ask you to pick this book.  Head over to Valeries website 

In my opinion, this book is a book you have to sit down and study from cover-to-cover. It states the facts and is based on scripture.  We get to see someone write honestly about praying,  bible study, and how sometimes you struggle and the words just don't come out. I cannot think of any woman that will not love this book.

  • 31 days of prayer for the Dreamers and Doers Jenn Sprinkle and Kelley Rucker: The Ladies from the Well studio produce an amazing book in a devotional format. With contributions from so many inspirational Ladies like, Whitney English, Lara Carsey, Jenn Sprinkle, Kelly Rucker, and other amazing women the {well} studio is a community of dreamers, doers and entrepreneurs who love the Lord and desire to be good and faithful servants as we navigate this journey of struggle and success. It’s a community built on inspiration, encouragement and resources that help women do work, do life and do love well – not perfectly, but {well}. We extend grace to ourselves and others and instead of trying to do it all – we simply desire to do it all {well}.The Well Studio 

I will recommend this book for every woman because it combines faith and entrepreneurship. The chapters are written by several women that have succeeded in different industries without compromising their faith write about their struggles and how they overcame it.  The book discusses topics like prayer, spouses, gratitude, worship, identity and other relevant areas. It is for the woman who is overwhelmed by the challenges she is facing and seeking an outlet telling her she is not alone, and all things work together for good.  We get to see the importance of putting God first daily.

  • Iconic Planner ( Undated ): For those that do not like dated planners then the Iconic planner is just perfect because it takes the pressure off, and can be use it for more than a year. Its portable, spiral bound and unique. Iconic's 'Seize the Day' v.3 Daily Planner (Burgundy) contains predominantly undated daily diary pages, as well as some undated monthly diary pages. In addition you get note pages, which are handy if you want to use the Seize the Day Daily Planner as a combined journal/diary. The Iconic Seize the Day series features a hard wearing textured cover, and a plastic slip on the inside front cover for loose sheets, cards, etc. Complementary patterned inside cover. They offer a wide range of stationery and are fast becoming my favourite store. 

I must say the Asians are league years ahead of us when it comes to planners. This planners are unique, amazing, portable and spiral bound. It gives room for creativity and is great for people that love flexibility. 

Well I hope I have given you gift ideas for the women in your life and please share your ideas in the comment section and let me know if you bought any of these for yourself. 

I must say a big thank you to Rosemary for the opportunity to  feature on her Blog. Last week she shared the news that she is joining me on a new project at Create With Words  and I look forward to future collaborations.

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ― Winston S. Churchill

Creative Director Giftdustry 

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