Be Encouraged To Encourage!

by - Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hey Beauties! I hope you are doing well in Christ. My prayer is that we are all doing what we can to draw people in and closer to Jesus in whichever way possible.

I have been really going through it lately in terms of encouraging people and find myself caring too much about other’s salvation. But I want to use my experience to encourage you not to give up and just to keep pushing.

So ever since I have been going to Hillsong Church (which has been for a few months now), I have been inviting as many people as I can. I feel that it is the type of Church that people can just get. There are no complications about doing religious things but rather, the Church encourages you to have a personal relationship with Jesus, stay in the word and fellowship. Mainly I have been inviting people from work. I would tell them how amazing and edifying service is and explain that the experience of praise and worship is very different and they should join me! They would tell me that they would come and then somehow never end up coming.

Excuse after excuse can get frustrating, especially when you find that the excuses are so inferior to coming to Church on a Sunday. Sometimes I ask myself, “Why do I bother?”, I have to stop myself right there and really focus on being led by the Holy Spirit and what God wants me to do.

One thing I know is that Jesus loves the Church. He loves fellowship and is big on making disciples. This can be seen in Matthew 28:19, where Jesus encourages us to go and make disciples. A disciple is simply a follower of Jesus Christ and I am really big on this. I think there is something beautiful about when someone makes the decision to follow Jesus. We MUST be attentive to this and support as much as possible.

One thing that I am realising is that we are the Church and that we must bring the Church to people. I am not saying that you have to break out in praise and worship at work (although that would be really cool), but encourage people. Be that positive ray of light and represent for Jesus. Compliment, discipline with love and remind people of their talents. Love on people and they will slowly find Jesus. So I am beginning to let go of the “Come to Church” and rather, I am trying to be the positivity that leads people to Jesus in the way I live my life. I will still invite people where possible but that is not the only way to plant the seed that only God can water and nurture.

[Hebrews 3:13] But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called "Today," so that none of you may be hardened by sin's deceitfulness.

The above scripture highlights that encouragement is important and that it should be done daily. So think about new ways to do this.

Finally, do not worry about what anyone thinks of you. Simply carry out God’s work and allow yourself to be led by the Holy Spirit. Be bold in your approach and let people know that you care. Understand that the small seed that you are planting now may be remembered by individuals in years to come. Trust God and know that He is working on His children, constantly calling them back to Him. Seeds are being planted through people in their lives. Pray without ceasing and leave the rest to God.

I know that this post today is for me, I truly need to calm down and fully trust God in this area. I know that not everyone will make it to eternal life but I am passionate about bringing as many people as I can with me.

Be blessed in Jesus name x

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  1. Praise the Lord! Love seeing other young women passionate about sharing Christ! I have gone through the same thing with inviting people to church and I've just accepted that my mission isn't to just bring people to church but to show the light of Christ and lead the to Jesus. Love it!

    1. Amen Sister! Thanking God for your life and be encouraged to continue to do God's work.