One Year Since The Modest Life Was Born!!

by - Saturday, October 17, 2015

The 13th October 2015 marks one year since The Modest Life was born!! It is amazing that God can use a blog to spread His good news and inspire someone, or two, or three, or more!

I am very grateful because this blog has allowed me to become vulnerable in order to gain strength and open my heart to my readers in order to help them. Examples of this are in blog posts such as Engaged at 18 To a Muslim - My Testimony and Two Years Single & Celibate.
I must say that I am impressed by my consistency as every month I have created a post since I started. That is only through the Holy Spirit and by spending time in His presence that He tugs on my heart to share something with you.

I have learnt to really have a heart for people by opening up through my own experiences. I have truly learnt that you cannot just discuss the scriptures with people (though they are very powerful and true) without showing them that they mention you and your own struggles too. This is especially if you want to make disciples. The bible has everything in it; God is not surprised by what you are going through because He knew YOU before it happened [Jeremiah 1:5]. Trust in the Lord, He is faithful and true!

There is a lot to come for The Modest Life by the grace of God and I appreciate all your support thus far! It is all about Jesus at the end of the day so keep being kingdom minded. Keep your heart focused on Jesus and know that He will never fail you.

If you want to be featured on the blog or have any requests for discussion topics that you want me to write about, email I love you all and I pray that you are encouraged to allow God to use you through blogs, You Tube channels or however else you can reach people. Do not be discouraged or ashamed. God has a space for you and our common calling is to spread His Truth! So don’t be envious of anyone but seek Him first and ask what He wants you to do [Matthew 6:33]. Stand bold and know that you are the Daughter of a King, which is major!

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I will leave you with some pictures of last weekend, which was epic!
Rosemary x

I went to see Inder Paul, David and Ope who featured on the blog. Click their names to learn more about them. And see below videos that I recorded with them on my You Tube channel about Music and Celibacy :)

Below pictures are at my Church, Hillsong who performed Jesus The Rock Opera last Sunday at the Apollo Victoria. They made it a service to remember!

And just for you I have some clips :-D

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