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by - Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Hello readers and supporters in Christ. I am so glad to have you here! I am also happy to introduce my friend that I have known for almost a decade. We have seen each other grow throughout the years, at stages where we made the mistake of feeling like worldly things could help us find the so called happiness that many are searching for.

It took a lot of hurt, mistake making and disappointment for us to realise that we are nothing without Christ. THANK YOU for being a friend and always drawing me closer to The Most High Jesus Christ. I truly believe that there is no true friend like a friend that always directs you back to the cross, where Jesus gave up His life that we might be saved. I pray that God will continue to bless you, you will never want for anything because you have faith that the Lord will see you through. I am happy to know you brother. Be blessed in Jesus name.  

I will leave you with David’s deep and touching story on his journey to Christ. I would love to feature anyone on my blog, so if you are willing to share your story, please email me at Let it be a God led testimony that you feel compelled to share, to genuinely help others to grow and remain encouraged. And please include pictures of your beautiful face. God bless, always.

Rosemary x

How do I start, or where do I start. I guess being on a journey with Christ has not always been easy - after all once you get saved by Him, it does not mean your problems go away. They don't! but under His counsel the issues are rectified.

So let me start with my Journey to encourage those reading. I was born out of wedlock (parents were not married when I was conceived) and my parents separated a few months after I was born. I was not brought up in typical Christian household but my mum believed in God and Jesus to an extent. For the most parts of my life, I was raised by Mum who was a psychiatric nurse. She worked nights, so she would let my older sister look after me when she went to work. Most of the time as a child I use to talk to myself. I had a big imagination to say the least. I was quiet and in a sense a typical Mummy’s boy lol (laugh out loud).

Because I was raised by my Mum mainly, she was very protective. I was her only son and she did her best to raise me to the best of her knowledge. Anyway my Mum and I moved to Stratford when she got married to my step dad. It was not bad at all. I met new friends; I was known for my footballing talent at the time and we use to go each other’s houses and play games. I was attending a Catholic school in Ilford called St. Peter's and Paul's. Life was good. I did not know who God was.

But when God wants to meet you He always finds a way. So my Mum decided after a discussion with some friends that I needed to toughen up, so she sent me to a boarding school in Ghana during holiday breaks in the school. I would stay with my Auntie on school term breaks in Ghana. She looked after me well with her children and her then husband. I had a big fear of the dark. So at night times I would always sleep with the light on and read an animated Bible that my Mum bought me. I loved the stories and I specifically loved the story about David as that was my namesake. It gave me some Joy to have a name recognised in the Bible.

I believe that was God’s way at the time of speaking to me. Ghana is largely a Christian based country, so I easily met friends that were Christians. Thus, I became aware of the existence of Christ (If God wants to reach you He uses man). After two years schooling in Ghana, I came back to England to live with my Mum again and start secondary school. The Lord favoured me and I was accepted into St Bonaventures. At this time my Mum had separated from my step dad and moved to Plaistow. She began to draw closer to God in this time and was beginning to influence me but after two and a half years she grew scared that I would get involved with the local drug dealers. So again she took me to Ghana and also set up her shop in Ghana. This was all God’s plan to get us both to know Him more. I went back to the same school and I attended St. Thomas Moore church on Sundays and got to know about God even more.

The same thing was happening to my Mum. God was reaching out through people. In school I started to like rapping and was pretty good at it. I was and still am creative with words. I used to rap with the boys all the time.

I progressed to secondary school in Ghana and my Mum had grown in Christ. Things were going ok until I went home returning from my boarding school for the Christmas break. I took a taxi home only to find my Mum had been taken to hospital - I was told by a lady from our Church at the time who was looking after the house, that she had a black out. I could not go that day. And I remember sort of hoping it was nothing serious. So the next day I went to the hospital and she was not in a good state when I saw her. She was in a panicking and bewildered state when she saw me. The nurses told me to leave and come back another day.

I remember going home on a trotro (Ghana van for public transport) and trying to convince myself that God is control and everything will be ok. At the same time I was trying to hold back my tears. I got home and three days later I'm told accidentally by a relative that my Mum had passed away. My older sister calls me but does not know I know the bad news. I tell her its ok, I know the truth. She cries. We do the funeral for our Mum. What helped me during that period was knowing she was in a better place. The funeral was done nicely thanks to the family. I came back to England with my sister and her family. My sister was also in Christ so she helped me settle back into the system. I came to know my nephews and niece more. And I had a good brother in law to always give good advice. I got into st Angela's and Bonaventures sixth form and met some friends who helped me settle in. I started going to a church called Trinity chapel. (I met my good friend Ope there).

I felt like I had seriously drifted from God and I had to rededicate my life to God after hearing a word. I joined a Bible study group called chosen generation in sixth form but my walk was not always the best. When I left sixth form I was excited to be going to university. My friends all went to stay on campus for their various universities but because I had a flat I couldn't. So I commuted. I did go astray for quite awhile but God never gave up on me. He would always allow me to meet people with encouraging words. I would go to house parties, raves, university raves, dates and chat up girls regardless. But these things were not fulfilling and God was making me realise that. This went on for a while.

The back and forth life was not for me. I was occasionally going to Church. I put up a front that things were ok, even though they were not. Finances were not always the best. Then one particular day, one of my long time friends Nathan said he wants to go to a church and I remembered Trinity Chapel. We went one Sunday and we missed the service. I then saw Pastor Banks who remembered me. He was with His wife and they told us to start coming, as they had just started a Sunday church service called Open House. We started going and because of the love that was shown I decided that this is where I want to grow in Christ. I rededicated my life to God as well my guys that came with me.

It has not always been easy, I don’t want to mislead anyone. I'm not perfect but only perfected in Christ. But there is a peace that I feel like this is where I should be. This is where God wants me to be. I am on this journey with Christ till thy kingdom come. Right now I'm at a point where I just want to live for His glory. I believe if you want to experience peace, love, or a transformation of heart, Christ is the answer and I express that in my music to reach out to people.

It won't always be easy but with Christ there are victories and testimonies that await you.

My E.P- R.U.T.S- Risen Under The Son will be out in 2015 to the glory of God. You can find me on Facebook as “Acquah Man” and on Twitter Risen under the Son @R.U.T.S_84.

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