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by - Wednesday, November 05, 2014

I have noticed that when we as Christians follow Jesus and give our lives to him, we come across the most amazing testimonies, that serve as a source of encouragement. Through my brother in Christ, which I featured on the blog (Ope) I met Inder Paul. He has a story to share, so keep reading if you want to know more. Be sure to listen to his music, which praises Jesus and speaks realistically. All thanks and praise goes to Jesus for all the blessings that are endless.
Thank you Inder Paul for your time. You didn’t have to do this but you did. May God continue to bless and keep you on the straight path on your walk with Him. Amen.

Born again from the land of five rivers and five warriors. A new creation but I kept the same name, Inder Paul Sandhu. Big up Rosemary for giving me this platform to literally just be me and a warm shout out to all of those who have taken the time to read this. Once again everyone my name is Inder Paul Sandhu and I’m an artist that loves to rap, sing and perform.
I'm gonna kick this set with bringing you all in on a prayer I made about a year and a half ago.
I will never forget this one prayer I made, I forgot the date still, but never the prayer. I was walking home one time after Church and I said to God, Lord I’m shook, I’m too shook to put myself out there on the stage, please make it come to me. That was it pretty much and apparently all it took, because the following Sunday when I was in Church my pastor Bankole Folusho Akinlade, (he might switch for baiting up his middle name but I’ll just blame that on Rosemary init) My pastor said we’re going to be putting on an event called 300 and he wanted Ope Oyelana a.k.a Unique Creation my brother from Church, (you’ve seen his handsome face on this blog before watch him get gassed now but anyway...) to make a soundtrack and a theme song for the event.
You would think that is where the story stops right? but no, his eyes started to scan all the faces in the room and all I could remember was my heart doing drum and bass rhythms; my eyes stuck on the floor and inside my head I'm shouting 'Lord don’t let him call my name man' ... but he called my name. Little did I know this was God answering my prayer from the previous Sunday through my pastor, who in general God likes to work through. Before I knew it, Ope equipped with new beat he freshly made, was ringing up my line asking when was I free to roll to the studio.

You have to remember the closest I'd ever even remotely got to rapping was when I was with my dons (brothers) in the world getting wavy over a few spliffs and brews; in an alleyway or in a car and even then we'd be rapping about making money, our dislike for police, an intense love for violence and even as far as cussing each others mothers and sisters. As for singing? Singing was permanently confined to my bathroom and as far I was concerned that was where it was going to stay. Lo and behold, I now found myself on a train with my brother Ope, on our way to record some bars over what some may call a “Gospel” tune. Even that experience was mad in itself, because I was using an ability, which I wouldn't have classed a talent back then. Rather, I used an ability to now glorify something or someone other than myself. I even had me a chance to minister to the studio engineer still. This was enjoyable for me because a lot of the brother's questions were once my questions (well my excuses which I can now call them) that I had for rejecting The Christ.
I wish I could tell you all that me and Ope left that studio singing hymns and trading scripture high fiving and that but the truth is the first thing that I did when I came out the booth when all was said and done was spark up my grade (weed). I still remember thinking why isn't Ope saying anything about the spliff? Why isn't he rebuking me or giving man ten thousand scriptures against ganja? It's only later I learnt that he was giving me Grace and choosing his spot to speak, like a few people were doing in my life - including God.

You see I wasn't born a Christian, I got saved around the age of 18. Let me not blame my misunderstanding of Grace for the longest time, the lack of good fellowship or lack of follow up from the Church I gave my life in, though I believe those are all contributory factors, but I fell away back into my default setting. Actually I think I upped it a couple levels. I see that God was being patient with me, just like my mother had been when I was out there trying to live this lie, live this dream of “making it” on The Roads.
Each and every word God had put out there for me to eat, only to get ignored just like the plate of food my mum would prepare for me at home, that would only get scraped into the bin because I was never there. I now understand all these things were expressions of a divine Love that was willing to endure whatever it took for me to get me back onto a straight and narrow path. Life was mad when I look back on it. I remember waking up at dumb times like 7pm leaving the house as my mum was coming home from work only to make it back to my yard at 7am when my mum would be leaving for work. It's mad like, all the sleepless nights I caused and the tears I put in her eyes... imagine how God felt? He's got one youth playing with his life outside in the dark under street lamps and another one of his kids in her bed crying.

I was involved in the whole gang culture, let me make no false statements when I say that I was always “self made” so my loyalty would always lie with myself but none the less in the various groups I chose to affiliate myself with, the gang mentality was one I was drawn to. In fact, I thrived off it. I sought genuine pleasure from others' discomfort. I was also brought up in a way where my olders’ taught me being on the wrong side of the law was the place to be. Again, let me not make any false statements, these olders' I speak of were unwise counsel and an adopted family that I took a liking to out there on the streets because they took a liking to me. They filled my head with all sorts of nonsense to one point where prison was a badge of honour to earnestly seek and being arrested and having trouble with the police gave bragging rights for years to come.
I was an unproductive member of society and my household. I had no long term aspirations I was merely living for the day and for a dream I had been sold from early. The friends started to disappear one by one or change their loyalties with rivals, which I didn’t hold against them because as I stated earlier my loyalty would always rest with myself. My so-called family were disintegrating before my eyes; not to mention the turbulence of my own actual family life. I could go on about my past but maybe we'll meet one day who knows? and I can tell you more face to face but till then I would like to shift your attention to where I am now.

So from that one little trip to the studio with my brother Ope, I went on to record a whole group EP, called The Response. The Lord opened doors for that because a man called Jonathan formerly known as Munksta from Newham Generals, had given his life to Christ 3 years earlier. He had taken a liking to our track 300 and was willing to help us produce The Response EP. In fact he gave us countless hours of his own time in his studio and beats that he had made at no charge, except the occasional McDonalds that I would even have to force upon him. One performance led to another and before I knew it, we were ministering in different parts of the country. God had really drawn me closer into His presence via this beautiful medium we know as music. People around me especially from back in the day didn’t take this new “Paul” seriously at all, but the more I rested in the promise of this ministry, perceptions changed and doors swung wide open. I currently have my pre solo EP teaser out there for the world to enjoy and I am working on my solo EP right now as we speak, which has a bag of surprises in it so mind out when it lands.
I know what God has in store for me is even bigger than what I can imagine, and if you know me I got me a crazy imagination, so I couldn't even begin to describe the excitement I have for my future. You can keep up to date with all of my moves, via any of the links Miss Rosemary has kindly shared for me.

Last thing I wanted to leave with you is don't call me a Christian rapper, when you hit up your dentist I'm sure you don’t tweet “en route to my athiest dentist” - sounds stupid right? Music is music lets leave it that.
After reading what was supposed to my finishing words, Miss Rosemary said to me "Just one question, why don't you like the term Christian rapper?"
And I went on to say for me, it’s really a lot deeper than just a title. I like to evangelise man, its a disposition I have to be out there and speak to people, me I'm a people person. 
Now If I was to approach everyone (and by everyone I mean predominantly those who aren't Saved) under the label of "Christian" or funnier labels that I've been called in the past such as "Jesus boy" or "Church Man" (actually saying that one of my dons (brothers) calls me "Gospel" which I'm a fan of still but that’s another story). If I were to approach, or be introduced under a title some or most people shall I say, would have associated whatever pre conceived notions that they have, and glue that to me. Some would even dive out the way, which they more or less do anyway when I try to stop them, but if I came with a label their mental shutters are more prone to coming down, conversation may not be possible or at best limited.
I’m not saying this is the case all the time, but in my experience it has been most of the time. When I just approach them as any guy, kinda like the scripture when Paul said, I become all things unto all men [1 Corinthians 9: 19-23], the results are mega because I come to their level and I don't mean that in a patronising or derogatory way, what I mean is I come to them at face value or a from place that’s relative to them. Then going forward, whatever type of value they place upon me or associate to me is on them. People are going to do this anyway so lets try our best to make their thought process as open and unbiased as possible.
Our beef (fight) ain’t against flesh and blood, but powers, principalities and in war [Ephesians 6:12] - you gotta be wise. You can’t just show up to the battle ground and be planning your moves from there. I’m sorry thats a slip… it’s too late then, you need to have a game plan from early. You think the devil is happy with us when we minister to the unsaved? Definitely NOT, he will use all the junk and nonsense he's already fed the world from day against us.

I dislike being put into a box its unnecessary, it limits me. Don’t get it twisted Its nice to spit to Christians, to sing and perform for them, I love encouraging the body because its beautiful still, but I rather reach all the dons and sisters that ain’t in the Church. That's the main calling right? Discipleship. If along the way my bars or notes hit a brother or sister in The Faith and encourage them – that’s great, but know that’s a secondary objective for me. Bare in mind I say this with the full knowledge that most of my performances have been in Churches and in Christian arenas.
I did this event called The Soho Arts Fair not too long ago, it was outside in Carnaby street so you can imagine shoppers etc. would be stopping as they walked past to listen and watch. Now if they announced me as a Christian rapper I’m telling you, half the seeds that got planted wouldn't have, why? because these dons would have left or brought about their pre conceived notions; which is the last thing anybody that’s Ministering needs. The world has painted us as Christians in a very crooked and false way, as passive, even fake and boring people. We gotta be wise in how we infiltrate these peoples minds, to further qualify that I mean in how we share Christ with them, sometimes the best we can do is to share via our lives as the example but other times we have the privilege of actually speaking to them directly and from there boom, its Christ in the spotlight not you. What is the taste you wanna leave? Does that mean I ever deny The Gospel or my love for Christ, never that please. Christ is the center of this ministry here. I need to make sure I’m relatable to everyone not just the Christians.
I am a Christian, I know that and the Lord knows that. I don’t need to tell the world my music is inspired by my faith for them to know that, from the minute you push play on one of my dubs it is bait. So it’s not out of pride or me wanting to separate my talent from Christ, that’s ridiculous. My talent, my being is in Christ, it would be silly for me to even attempt that. That would be like a wheel from a car trying to be a car all on is own. I’m just trying to position myself as a walking Ministry into the best spot I can stand in to get souls saved. Others may disagree and that’s their choice, but by my fruits they will know me. 

Keep up with Inder Paul via the links below (I've heard his music and I am a fan - He represents for Jesus):


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