Congratulations on Your First Class Degree in Education, Mum!

by - Friday, November 21, 2014

A huge congratulations to my Mum for her First Class Degree in Education. This woman has got to be the hardest working woman I know. She would stay up almost all night getting the work done and go to work the following morning. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!! [Philippians 4:13].

She has shown a huge encouragement to women who are married with children [all five of us!!] that life does not have to stand still because of the latter. Of course following God’s will, on where He feels our talents lie.

Nothing worth it comes easy, we all must work hard for what we want in life. But we must never drift away from Jesus, who makes all our paths straight. A degree or job position should never get to our head. Because the same God that put us there can take us out. My Mum has been a great example of a praying woman with strong faith.

Mum I wish you the best! Thank you for inspiring me throughout my masters degree, which has now come to an end – I am graduating next month. If you would like to see how I styled my hair on the graduation day, see the video below. I cannot wait to share with you guys how God has been moving in my life. My life updates are coming soon!!!

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