Introducing my Brother in Christ

by - Friday, October 24, 2014

Hello guys, I decided to feature one of the lovelies in my life; my brother in Christ who is an encouraging part of my walk in Faith. I find it amazing that we have known each other when we were baby Christians/lukewarm Christians. Living how we lived and learning along the way. Now that we are stronger in our Faith we still continue to encourage each other, which I thank God for. 

Just to clarify, he is an Artist that makes music but please note, his music and lyrics are of a positive and realistic nature. I must say I bought his album and I am impressed. So feel free to support a brother if you are into clean rap/grime. I just thought I would say that drawing upon my last blog post about secular music. Not ALL music is from the devil, thus we must make sure we are CAREFUL about what we feed our spirits with and what message it is sending. Remember we are weak without Christ so therefore we must guard our hearts. I pray that God gives you the ability to discern what is acceptable for you, while keeping Him first at all times. Amen.

Ope, I wish you every success - keep living for God and he will so come through for you in the end. His love is so powerful that it is often hard to comprehend. I am glad to know you brother!!!

This picture makes me smile and shows me how far we have come! back in our clubbing days full or drinking and short dresses. How I love you Lord!! (My 21st).

I would love to feature anyone that I can, it would be lovely to share testimonies to encourage you all. If you are interested please email Please include a few pictures and your own story that you feel comfortable sharing. I hope you enjoy and are encouraged by this post. God bless.

My name is Unique Creation, I’m an artist and a performer, music and creative arts is my passion. I just released my Official debut album called “Problem Solution”, which is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, and Spotify (just to name a few). I also have a music video on YouTube and grime daily titled “Space Rocket”.  Getting to where I am now was a long and frustrating journey. I’ve been making music since I was 17 when grime was still called garage and UK music was getting the recondition it deserved. I was madly addicted to MC battles and obsessed with pirate radios stations that constantly banged out songs from Crews such as So Solid, Roll Deep, Heartless, Mo’Fire, and Nasty Crew. It was exciting and new for me to see local faces my age and even younger ripping up the air waves. It was a growing revolution I thought could match major genres like Hip-Hop, RnB and Rock with the right support.

I started writing my own lyrics and joined a crew of 11 other MCs, and naturally we started battling other crews around and it wasn’t long before I saw my future in MUSIC...MUSIC...MUSIC!!

It was around the same time that I felt a tug on my heart to find meaning to my life, life wasn’t great and I didn’t see much to it.  I woke up one morning and randomly went to a local church which was weird to me because I wasn’t a Bible reader, the only thing I knew about Christianity was Jesus, heaven and hell, and hell stood out the most but wasn’t very pleasant to me but I wanted to know more.

Knowing what I know now I realise that, what was happening to me was “John 10:27: My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me”, I believe at one time or another everyone feels that tug or pull to find a reason to their life and if you have I’d advise you to listen to that tug, it’s amazing what’s at the end of the rope.

I also learned that God’s timing is perfect because I didn’t realise all the problems that were ahead of me. I fell into excessive drinking amongst other things and it didn’t hit me that I had a problem until it started affecting my family. I remember being at University in Luton and going to a friend’s birthday, long story short my father got a call from the police saying that they found me covered in my own Puke, blood and bile in Central London. I hardly remember what happened. There were many other problems that followed. It wasn’t until I personally decided to take Jesus seriously that my life did a mad 180 degree turn. My music has taken me to Birmingham, Basildon, Leicester, Cambridge, Pitsea, Bedford, Germany and the list goes on. My music is literally a diary of my life and everything that goes on around me and inside my head, along with the problems I’ve faced and the solution I’ve found to it. My company Black Fingerprint Association is also growing and it’s all thanks to putting my trust in the word of God. I’m happier than I’ve ever been before, and I have a growing musical family in the likes of InderPaul Sandhu and R.U.T.S, check them out on the website.

My time learning about Christ has helped me realise that I am more important to a Loving God than I could ever imagine, I still find it strange sometimes when I think about it, but I have no reason to fight that truth. Coming from such as dark place, my walk with Jesus has not just changed my outlook on things, it has also changed the quality of my life. The only proof I need that God exists is me and things all around me. If it is not enough that you are simply alive, breathing, and thinking and feeling then look at your body, if your skin is cut, it heals itself, your eyes are so complex that they turn light to vision for you, two humans can come together and make another living breathing person...this concept alone lets me know that there is a complex mind behind my creation.

Psalms 139:14 says that we are fearfully and wonderfully made; I’m confident that if you really looked at yourself, you would agree with what I’m saying.

Twitter:  @yawehunique
Instagram: yaweh_unique

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  1. I love reading about how God moves in people's lives for the better. Well done to you. I will check out your tunes on YT. :)

  2. The lyrics in the song you posted on YT are so encouraging. Thank you for sharing about your talented friend. :)

  3. Hi Rosemary. I really enjoyed your video titled "Music and Christianity". I do thank God that the two of you are having these types of discussions because that is how God reveals his truth. I see zeal in both of you and I would like to encourage you to keep seeking what is right. One note I should make is that it is difficult to serve two masters. I think that once a person is saved, it is important to have a clear demarcation between the new life and the old life. If there isn't one, then a person might slide back into old habits.I also think leaving things up to personal opinion can be dangerous thing to do... after all, isn't that what we used to do when we were in the world? Its been said that an environment where each person does what they thinks right in their own eyes is anarchy. God's kingdom is set up very differently and the parameters that he's put in place are for our own good- to keep us from harm. All in all I wish you all the best and i pray that God will continue strengthening your faith. Peace and blessings to you both!!